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Posted by : Amir parker Friday, 9 May 2014

We have numerous hiding PC softwares which normally makes the folder disappears or locks it with a password. We may use these softwares but the software is visible and one may predict that data is being hidden. So in order to be more secure in this case, here is an article which is highly relevant and from which you can make the most from it. Some parameters that are crucial are the address or directory of the file which gets erased after the process.

Steps To Hide Your Content In The Folder
1. Locate the file to be hidden
2. Now once you enter the location of the folder to be hidden, copy the directory of the folder from the 'Address Bar'.
3. Open 'cmd' (cmd stands for command propmt) using "Windows + R" or from the 'Start' menu.
4. Type ' attrib +s +h Drive:/directory/sub directory ',For Egxample, for a folder named Xyz stored in D:/ drive we will write the code as [ attrib +s +h D:/Xyz ] and hit enter
5. The folder with the content is now hidden
6. To get back your folder type attrib -s -h Drive:/directory/sub directory, For Unhiding, for Eg a folder named Xyz hidden in D drive, type [ attrib -s -h D:/Xyz ] and hit enter

The best feature of hiding this way is that even after the visibility of hidden files and folders is changed, this file wont be visible and your data is safe and secured.

Watch the Video Tutorial

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