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Posted by : Amir parker Monday, 31 March 2014

Samsung announces Kitkat Update 4.4.2 for Samsung Galaxy Note 3,& S4 in the month of February.Top Special features of Kitkat decreased the patients in the minds of Samsung users.

When it was released the Top Features Were Seen On Nexus 4. Several Samsung owners were impatient  since there was no update for Kitkat on Samsung Galaxy S3. The reason behind it was that the device's RAM cannot handle the update. Samsung Galaxy S3 in the United States comes with a Qualcomm CPU plus 2GB Ram whereas the international version ships with an Exynos SoC plus 1 GB of RAM. But documentation say Samsung is releasing Kitkat on international version of Samsung Galaxy S3 in the upcoming months of April.The Kitkat update is also gonna be rolled over the other devices like Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Samsung Galaxy Grand 2,Samsung Galaxy S3. As the dates are not confirmed but the leaked documentations say they being releasing in the month of April for the three devices.
For those who cannot wait for the official updates can use ROM's available on the Internet and although extreme precaution is advised and at the own risk.

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